Holistic approach for molecules' identification and optimisation for an effective drug discovery workflow

Healthcare Data analyses using state-of-the-art AI technologies for compounds' hit-to-lead generation and lead optimization for drug discovery


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Aomics GmbH is a German based company, specialized in the area of drug discovery and drug target identification. By leveraging state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, multi-omics and cheminformatic techniques, we efficiently reduce the time and cost of the drug development process to several folds.


  • Identification of  novel molecular drug targets using multi-omics data
  • Use AI to identify the existing knowledge on these variations from our in-house databases
  • In-silico prediction of existing FDA/EMA approved drugs/small-molecules that could be re-positioned for the indication of interest
  • Perform de-novo based novel drug-target identification and use the existing/generated multi-omics data .   

Drug development & repurposing

We provide high quality support for computational analysis of big biological data originated from next generation sequencing (NGS)-technologies, including RNA-seq, Chip-seq, small-RNA-seq, Ribo-seq and genome-seq etc. By providing advance machine learning (ML) and AI-driven workflows we find small molecules that could be best candidate for the drug discovery pipeline.

Clinical trial predictions

We are expert in building up computational pipelines by integrating all kinds of Omics data (genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, intractomics, microbiomics etc.) and building up AI-empowered algorithms for the purpose of drug development and drug-repurposing. Using our established platforms, we help our clients in predicting the outcome of a clinical trials by looking into the compounds' data.

Clinical data and security

Advancement in clinical and genetic approaches generate a great amount of patient data. These patient healthcare and omics data should be extremely secure for research or industrial purposes. We have been providing state-of-the-art Blockchain based data security solutions.

Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning for drug discovery

We develop powerful and innovative AI models and pipelines for the healthcare data analyses. By leveraging AI, we assist making powerful insights from the healthcare data.


With our blockchain development services we help pharma in bringing scalability, security, sustainability and high performance. Contact us for establishing a personalized blockchain solution for the healthcare/clinical projects.

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